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Nyati Hills Cottages-Ongata Rongai

Nyati Hills Cottages I don't know where to begin words can't depict how stunning they are. You will have a hard time believing that the cottages are just before Rolf hotel. I was so astonished I have gone to Rolf a few times and never did I envision a concealed jewel existed just before it. I adored my experience and the recollections will always be in me. Nyati Hills Cottages is run by a Danish family that stays in Denmark and Chalo is the one that manages the cottages in Kenya. Susanne the proprietor is a cordial woman in spite of the way that we haven't met eye to eye and have been imparting on the web. I as of now have a decent point of view about her she is an exquisite host that will update you as often as possible constantly.

This also shows itself on how Chalo operates things it shows a considerable measure. That unmistakably they are an exceptionally composed and organized team notwithstanding the distance. The cottages are self-contained and are the ideal entryway for long or short term stays with family or companions. I was exceptionally satisfied with the way they utilize solar panels to generate power and gather water and waste water from the cottages in substantial tanks and utilize it for watering purposes. The water originates from their borehole. The water is clean for everybody to drink but they additionally give packaged mineral water, if the guests prefer it.

It is situated in Ongata Rongai which is just twenty kilometers from Nairobi. Arriving through individual means is exceptionally prompt in light of the fact that you will essentially branch at Maasai Lodge and start there you will feel like you're on a little safari due to the dusty, bumpy road that leads you to the Nairobi National Park. You can as well take an uber or another alternative is that you use public transport from town to Ongata Rongai and alight at Maasai Lodge. Afterward, you can take a taxi from the stage which will, for the most part, cost you 300 to 500 Kenya shillings! I have actually used all the three options that I have stated.

  •          35 minutes drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
  •          45 minutes drive from CBD.

Altogether there seven cottages that all have modern facilities. This is what I loved the most about Nyati Hills. The cottages are exceptionally unwinding that you can end up spending the whole day without leaving the rooms. The lavatories are likewise exceptionally extensive and every one of the facilities is modern and the interior design gives you that African conventional feeling. 

All the furniture's are handicraft and made by neighborhood skilled workers on Ngong Road. I was truly inspired by the interior design and the extraordinary cleanliness in every one of the cottages. Every single cottage has closets, twofold beds secured with mosquito nets, outfitted with bed linen and towels. If it's not too much trouble take note of the fact that radio or TV is not available.
If you're going on a safari visit or any shorter visit while remaining at Nyati Hill. They offer transitory check-out and they will look after your luggage free of charge.
  • The staff provides water and different supplies on a regular routine. Sodas, beer and wine and so on are charged independently.
  • Daily cleaning and dish washing are incorporated. All kitchens are outfitted with electric cookers, refrigerator, and all fundamental kitchen utensils. Dining areas have wooden tables and safari seats.
  • Check-in and check-out are per the agreement with the management. At arrival, the unit will ordinarily be accessible for check in from 1:00 pm. For departures check out ought to typically occur before 11:00 am.

Every one of them is fabricated utilizing neighborhood stones, the rooftop is made of nearby timber and grass. These building materials guarantee a tempered indoor atmosphere making the houses cool in the hot season and warm exposed to the harsh elements season. All the seven cottages have names and are one of a kind in their own specific manner.
  • Nyati is a solitary cottage for up to two people with an all in one sleeping and eating zone, kitchen, restroom with shower and flush toilet.    
  • Zebra resembles Nyati a solitary cottage for up to two people with an all in one sleeping, eating zone, kitchen, restroom with shower and flush toilet
  • Cheetah and Impala is a two cottage unit containing a dozing cottage with a separate bed room, restroom with shower, flush toilet, kitchen and living room. This unit offers more space for two people. 
  • Giraffe, Lion, and Elephant is a three cottage unit containing two dozing cottages with a separate bed room, restroom with shower, flush toilet, expansive dining with kitchen and a living room. This unit is reasonable for up to six people. The following are the rates: 
Nyati and Zebra: Double-180 USD Cheetah and Impala: Double-240 USD Giraffe, lion, and elephant:380 USD (4 people)

I am one of those explorers that truly incline toward going for the full board course thing. In any case, Nyati Hills changed my point of view. I had never envisioned that I will one day come to acknowledge and have a good time cooking in boutique hotels. I was very comfortable with the fact that I had to prepare my own meals. This was on the premise that the kitchen was truly spacious all the utensils and ingredients, for example, spices were accessible. Thus, no meals are incorporated however all you'll need for breakfast is available to you for free espresso, tea, cocoa, juice, water, bread, margarine, cheddar, eggs and so on. Osoita Lodge can pick you up for a decent dinner at Osoita Restaurant and drive you back a while later. Dinner from Osoita Restaurant adjacent can be conveyed and served at your cottage or the eatery prepares your dinner at the open air kitchen and serves it for you in the cottage or by the pool!

In case you're searching for a place to unwind then Nyati Hills is the best place I can absolutely guarantee you. The pool is radiant and the stunning views just make things better. The pool area has a fabulous view over the slopes of Nairobi National Park.You can take an invigorating swim or unwind by the poolside on a sun bed and enjoy the awesome perspective of the natural life in Nairobi National Park. The water is constantly clear, clean and the sun heating guarantees a water temperature the majority of the year between 26 – 29 degrees Celsius. Outside the cottages, you will locate a quiet garden and unwinding environment. 

The garden territory is described by nearby stone clearing, grass zones and flower beds with generally neighborhood blooms and shrubs. In the old trees, the weaver fowls are occupied with building their homes. You can appreciate the view and shade under the secured wooden table. The cottages and garden area is fenced to keep out the wild life. Chalo will often exhortation you to close your windows when you're leaving the cottages.


  • Airport pick-ups and transfers.
  • The transport is free when you stay for at least 4 nights however, the driver would welcome a little tip. On the off chance that you stay for up to 3 days the transport to and from the airplane terminal is not free but rather the management can, in any case, orchestrate the transportation for you. 
  • Accessibility of Wi-Fi. 
  • The territory is fenced and the entryway is secured day and night so as to keep out the wild animals. The area around the entryway has video reconnaissance and an alarm system.

Bookings and Contacts 
For bookings click here and payments can be done through your visa card or PayPal.Well, that is it for Nyati Hills Cottages. It is totally worth it especially if you're looking for a place to just relax and unwind.For more information kindly click here .

Thanks to Sussane for offering my team and I a complimentary stay! As always, opinions expressed are my own.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Amazing Kenya Retreat-Maanzoni


The Amazing Kenya Retreat just by the name recommends it is exceptionally astonishing. Only a couple of kilometers from Nairobi you will branch at Maanzoni. Consequently you should experience some minor security checks before you make a beeline for the hotel. I preferred the way the environment gives you the safari feeling and there numerous natural life creatures around that you will get the chance to see like zebras, elands, giraffes' and gazelles. 

The hotel has a decent perspective of the savannah fields from the rooms and when the weather is clear you can see Mount Kenya which is one hundred and fifty kilometers toward the north. It is truly an unwinding place for both tourists and Kenyan residents as well. Just from taking a gander at the website I knew what was in store and I wasn't frustrated when I arrived at the hotel. It was more than what I expected extremely invigorating and unwinding.

It is located in the middle of Maanzoni which is a beautiful savannah grassland estate in the heart of Lukenya. The Amazing Kenya is twenty kilometers from both Machakos and Athi River.
  • Thirty-five minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
  • Fifty minutes drive from Nairobi City Center.
The Amazing Kenya Retreat has fundamentally centered on conventional rondavels and I truly loved it since it gives you the inclination that you are really in the shrubbery. You can have a clear ideal perspective of the savannah fields from the room and they have been developed in a way that it would seem that they are rising up out of the ground. This impact has been made by tilting the rooftop to the back, in a blend with the incline of the land they have been based on. All the rondavels have twofold rooms which can serenely suit two families and a restroom.

All the rooms have extensive windows where somebody can have a pleasant perspective of the Maanzoni slants. Not too far off one can see Mount Lukenya in the west and Mount Kenya toward the north and toward the east.What's more all the rondavels have a verandah which has agreeable safari seats.

Notwithstanding the rondavels there is the fundamental private house which is an extensive independent home with three rooms, a kitchen, and a substantial front room. It offers some privacy and is appropriate for expansive families or substantial gatherings too. The following are the rates yet they are liable to change without earlier notice.
FULL BOARD: SINGLE-11550/= DOUBLE-15550/= 
CAMPING: 3000/=


  • A child 0-3 years is free and 4-12 years is 75% on the off chance that they are separated from everyone else in their own room and 50% on the off chance that they are sharing with a grown-up.
  • Full board is breakfast, lunch, and supper and it incorporates one bottle of mineral water, evening tea, and coffee.
  • Check in time is at 12:00 pm and check out is at 10:00 am.

There is a lobby which is the principle working of the hotel and it has a pleasant view. What I liked the most about the feasting zone is that it is beside the infinity pool. This makes the environment to be exceptionally unwinding and serene.The building has been isolated in a lounge area zone, indented unwind region with a chimney and a living area. The restaurant is likewise extensive in that you can hold a private function. In the event that you need to get a citation click here .

The following are the costs in the event that you need a smorgasbord menu but there is additionally an a le carte menu.

Breakfast-KSH 1750, lunch-KSH 1750/=, dinner-KSH 2500, bush dinner-KSH 2000 and bush breakfast KSH 2000.
Activities to do
The Amazing Kenya is settled in an extremely quiet condition that empowers one to participate in various activities. Such as team building and nature strolls which are joined by a guide.Bush breakfasts can be sorted out where a diversion drive is arranged at first light since it is simpler to spot wild creatures when contrasted with amid the day.

Horseback safaris are offered where one can go for two to five hours twice every day or for an entire day with an outing lunch.Bird watching, you will have the capacity to spot many winged creature species in East Africa. Game drives and cycling through Maanzoni as well as a visit to the market at Machakos Town. In addition to that Sundowner at the inclines of the savannah fields which is 500 meters far from the Amazing Kenya Retreat and community visits can be composed of nearby towns in the Lukenya zone. Lastly swimming is KSH 300 for grownups and KSH 200 for kids underneath the age of 12 years. 

S  Sundowner-KSH 2000/=, game walk-KSH 1500/=, night game drive-KSH 2500/=, game drive- KSH 2000/=, bike rental full day-KSH 1500/= and bike rental half day-KSH 1000/=.

Services offered
  •         Airport Pick-ups.
  •         Conference packages.
  •         Availability of Wi-Fi at the lobby.
Full board packages are accessible and the convenience incorporates breakfast, lunch, supper and one soda. This includes free use of the meeting room from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. All members are likewise provided with pens, composing cushions, flip graphs, TV and DVD. An LCD projector goes for Ksh 5000/= per day and the PA system Ksh 10000/= per day also.

SINGLE-KSH 15000/= DOUBLE-KSH 22000/=

On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize private or public transport to get to the hotel then you can ask ahead of time for the management to arrange on transport. The rates are as per the following. 

KSH 5000/= from the airport, maximum of four people.
KSH 6000/= from CBD , maximum of four people.
KSH 10000/= in a van, more than six passengers and a maximum of fourteen passengers.

All the payments can be done through cash, mpesa and for cheques they should be processed before arrival.
For bookings kindly click here.

Tel : +254 721 483 112 Facebook
Well that it is for the Amazing Kenya Retreat, I really enjoyed my time and I will definitely go back For more information click here.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Last Village Lodge-Athi River


The last Village Lodge is a concealed diamond that is located in Athi River and has been operating from last year December. Believe you me once you arrive you will be flabbergasted because it is the only lodge within the area. This is an advantage since you get the chance to have a pleasant view of the Mua Hills, Kilimambogo Hills, Lukenya Hills and the environment is extremely quiet. No unsettling influence from occupied streets or businesses around the territory. That is the reason it is known as the Last Village. I didn't know what was in store when I was heading off to the lodge. Regardless of the distance from Mombasa Road, I was very astonished when I got to the lodge. It is extremely quiet and the environment is exceptionally peaceful. The building structures are likewise exceptionally engaging, a blend of both Swahili and modern day touch.

It is situated on Mutungoni Road off Mombasa Road in Athi River which is in Machakos County there is also an alternative route which is off Kangundo Road at Joska. You can absolutely not get lost on the grounds that there several sinages that will guide you to the lodge. It will take you roughly one hour and thirty minutes to get to the lodge from Nairobi. You can get to The Last Village by private means or public means. At Mutungoni Bus Stop there are several taxis and motorbikes that can take you to the lodge if you decide to utilize public means. On the off chance that you want to go by private means the Mutungoni Road which is off Mombasa Road is a murram road and that is the pith of going for an adventure.

  • One hour drive from Nairobi, CBD.
  • Thirty minutes’ drive from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
  • 15 Km off Mombasa Road and 6 Km off Kang’undo Road.

I was truly stunned with the interior design of the lodge. It is extremely attractive to the eye and it gives you the ideal atmosphere for simply unwinding .The lodge has an African theme which is fused with Swahili outlines and I truly cherished it. Everything in the lodge made me feel like I was in Coast. Henceforth, in the event that you need to encounter a tad bit of the Swahili culture then you ought to go to the Last Village. In case you're additionally adventurous wild animals get the opportunity to move around the area during the evening subsequently, in case you're sufficiently fortunate you will have the capacity to see a few zebras or impalas. The management is additionally benevolent and the staffs know how to treat and value the clients.

The best part about The Last Village Lodge is the rooms. Each block has sixteen rooms and they are exceptionally extensive and very much beautified. They all have a balcony where you can choose to loosen up and have a decent view of the Mua Hills, Kilimambogo Hills, Lukenya Hills and the environment surrounding the lodge. The Last Village has an offer that is running up to December 2017, a short time later the rates will change. Hence, take the opportunity to check out the lodge before the year reaches the end. Below are the rates:

FULL BOARD  :SINGLE-8000/= DOUBLE-13000/= 

  • Rates are in Kenyan shillings * Full board is breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  •  Check in is 12:00 P.M and check out is at 10:00 A.M.

The restaurant is extremely spacious that somebody can hold a major function. Click here on the off chance that you need to get a quotation for event packages. I additionally like the fact that the menu is extremely moderate and the food is likewise worth every penny. The sustenance is prepared quickly when you order and all the ingredients are fresh. The fundamental theme of the eatery is the Mbuzi Choma which is extremely flavorful. You can likewise order local chicken from the farm and have it prepared after you have ordered. The primary dishes that are served at the Last Village are mbuzi choma which a platter goes for 1500 shillings, completely prepared local chicken from the farm costs 3000 shillings, beer is 300 shillings and soda is 150 shillings. There are additionally different sustenance's that are served at the lodge. For more information about the menu click here.
The Last Village lodge additionally has a bar that operates from 12:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M and a scaled down lounge is likewise inside the bar.

The lodge is flexible when it comes to payments you can pay via M-pesa, cash or the visa card.
  •  M-Pesa till number is 524849

Activities to do
Apart from unwinding in a peaceful environment, there numerous different things that you can do at the Last Village Lodge. In the event that you want to have a photo shoot at the lodge click here to get a quotation.

  • Availability of free Wi-Fi.
  • DSTV is accessible at the bar lounge where one can watch football matches.
  • Quad bikes for children which goes for 2000/= shillings.
  •  Grounds for hire.
  •  Team Building.

    All bookings are done directly to the hotel or through
    Telephone number: +254 780 249 944/ +254 799 149 944
    Facebook- The Last Village
    Twitter-The _Last Village.

    Well that is it for the Last Village, I truly enjoyed my time at the lodge and I will totally go back. For more information about the hotel  click here

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    Friday, 17 March 2017

    Wildebeest Eco Camp-Karen


    The first time I went to wildebeest Eco Camp was in 2015 and my companions and I were so energized in light of the fact that it's such a delightful place and the best part about it is that it's in Nairobi .Hence , making work simpler particularly if your a group. I can't advice you to go alone unless you want to meditate cause the atmosphere is  very relaxed so it's ideal to go with some friends just for a little buildup . The camp is situated in Karen and getting to the place is so easy on the off chance that you will utilize private means or public means .

    One thing I love about the camp is how it is exceptionally affordable. There different sorts of accommodation extending from something cheap that is more of adventurous which is camping and you get to  enjoy the great outdoors and it costs you 1750/=  inclusive  of breakfast. There is additionally a dorm tent if your not fond of sleeping on the ground and you likewise wouldn't mind sharing the tent with other individuals it costs 1750/= . Garden Tents are also available and they have a bathroom it costs 4000/= . I've only spent a couple of nights in the garden tent and the camping tent and I don't have any complains it was absolutely justified.

    The prices below are subject to changes .Hence , you can check out their website click here to get the exact price at the time you will be planning to go to the camp.

    Camping (our gear) - B&B

    KSh 1750
    Camping (own gear) - B&B
    KSh 1.500
    Cottage Room (Double)
    KSh 8,000
    Cottage Room (Single)
    KSh 6,000
    Deluxe Cottage Room (Double)
    KSh 10,000
    Deluxe Safari Tent (Double)
    KSh 13,500
    Deluxe Safari Tent (Single)
    KSh 10,800
    Deluxe Safari Tent (Triple)
    KSh 16,000
    Dorm Bed A
    KSh 1,750
    Dorm Bed B 
    KSh 1,750
    Family Garden tent (Doubl...
    KSh 9,000
    Family Garden Tent (Quad)KSh 14,500
    Family Garden Tent (Singl...
    KSh 7,500
    Family Garden Tent (Tripl...
    KSh 12,000
    Garden Tent (Double)
    KSh 6,500
    Garden Tent (Single)
    KSh 4,000
    Dorm Bed C
    KSh 1,750
    Deluxe Cottage Room (Single)
    KSh 8,000

    The Eco camp has a restaurant however, you need to reserve before you go there . The menu is extremely affordable and it's a la carte.

    Things to do 
    There is a swimming pool which makes you unwind considerably more better particularly if your sufficiently fortunate to go when its sunny .

    • Guest lounge with dstv
    • Quick WiFi 
    • Communal fire pit
    • Board games, pool table, table tennis and darts
    • Guest library and book swap
    • Laundry service
    • Children play area
    • Gift shop
    • Travel desk which offers transfers

    You need to book through their site before you go to the camp and the method of payment is through your Visa or maser card . If you want to book click here .

    Well that is it for Wildebeest Eco Camp , make sure you check it out if you want to experience the safari feeling within Nairobi.