Sunday, 29 January 2017

Rolf's Place-Ongata Rongai

The Leopold cliff mansion that is prominently known as the Rolf's place is one of Kenya's vacation spot ! The first time I went to Rolf was in 2014 and again this year I got the chance to go again and it is basically the same . Well that isn't a terrible thing since I trust the management still needs to keep the history of the mansion ! However ,kudos to the management I didn't regret going back just to have a little rest from the hustle of the town life and simply loosen up. Henceforth , on the off chance that you haven't been to Rolf let me tell you a little about it and I trust it will rouse you to look at it before 2017 reaches an end!

 Rolf's place is situated in Ongata Rongai which is only a couple of kilometers from town .Getting there through personal means is very immediate on the grounds that you will simply branch at Maasai Lodge and from that point you will feel like your on a mini safari due to the dusty, bumpy road inside the Kenya Wildlife Service.

You can likewise take an uber or another option is that you utilize public transport from town to Ongata Rongai and alight at Maasai Lodge and then you can take a taxi from the stage which will generally cost you 300 to 500 Kenya shillings ! I have personally utilized all the three strategies that I've specified.
The bridge
The bridge is the thing that makes Rolf emerge from different hotels in that area despite the fact that the Kitengela Glass House also has a bridge. I think the one in Rolf is additionally energizing and on the off chance that you fear statures or you have a fear of cliffs then am certain your adrenaline will get high once you go to Rolf. This is because for you to get to the hotel you have to park your car at the parking lot and then cross the bridge. Alternatively you can use the other route which is longer.Most of the time there will be a Maasai guard who will welcome you to Rolf and will ensure that only six individuals cross the bridge at the same time .
Activities to do
Other than unwinding at the hotel you can swim if your not spending the night there and the cost is 300 for grown-ups and 200 Kenyan shillings for children.The best thing about the pool is that you can get the opportunity to see a marvelous view of Nairobi . 

There is likewise paintball shooting which goes for 1000 Kenyan shillings for each individual for 100 balls .Hence, if you're going to Rolf with a few companions then you can give it a shot .

Food Menu
The cost for food differs on certain occasions  like holidays  you can't order from the menu in light of the fact that the cooks comes up with a three course meal of the day with different choices but in the event that you go on a typical day particularly on a weekday then you can order from the menu.Below is a look of the menu however, it is not permanent as the hotel has the right to change the prices or add more meals .Hence,if your on a budget then you can contact the hotel  before you go just to affirm what they are putting forth on that specific day that you are going . 

The hotel offers various types of accommodation which start from 16,000 Kenyan shillings.

Photo shoot
Taking pictures is permitted in the event that you will use your phone but in the event that you have a camera or you need to do a photo shoot for individual or business purposes then you should contact the hotel to book and know the charges for that unless you get to a concurrence with the management.

Well that is it for the Leopold Cliff Mansion .I hope you will make an effort to go to Rolf if you haven't been there.


  1. Lovely place
    Nice work Sharize

  2. Rolf's place looks wonderful.

  3. Looks like a great place for a family chill spot or friends
    Thanks for the recommendation

  4. Yes it is and you are welcome 😊

  5. Nice you kind emailing me details on accomodation? Malishaj travels

  6. Still looks as breath taking as I remember

  7. Replies
    1. Yes it is and I think the bridge has contributed to that!