Friday, 20 January 2017

The Polka Dot Art Gallery

If you love art and appreciate it then you must visit the Polka Dot Gallery.It offers a novel space in Nairobi for individuals to drench themselves in the contemporary expressions and also features craftsmanship from both local and international art specialists. 

The one of a kind exhibition spaces gives a place to instruct , move and inspire any individual  who visits it.The gallery was opened on 22nd September 2016 by the present British High Commissioner to Kenya Mr.Nic Hail.

My review
Well since I cherish exploring new places I was truly eager to visit the gallery .As a traveler I trust one needs to explore an area in all edges but according to what you like.Hence , on the off chance that you don't love art then am certain you won't find it it fascinating.Personally I love art and when I get a chance or when I see a gallery I never think twice especially if there are no charges.

This additionally infers to museums.Hence , I can absolutely recommend every one of you to visit Polka Dot Art Gallery regardless of the possibility that your not a fanatic of art.Once you get inside the exhibition you will go gaga for all the excellent work that artists do.

The gallery is situated in Nairobi at a place known as the Souk on Dagoretti Road,Karen which is straightforwardly opposite the significant shopping mall which is the Hub.

Gallery Aim

The main aim of Polka Dot Art Gallery is to demonstrate intriguing, provocative, top of the line craftsmanship and getting it into the market.

The gallery like wise encourages workshops and competitions in Kenya  so as to get new thoughts and procedures.The fly up presentations and competitions convey craftsmanship to the general population and transform spaces into coincidental exhibitions. All ages are spoken to at, the gallery held a children workshop in December 2016 and the kids learned essential drawing tips, painting and poetry.

The Polka Dot Gallery loves to support local art specialists in inventive courses from displaying their art and turning their craft over to something that can be utilized and seen on every day bases.

Below is a list of artists that have partnered with Polka Dot.

  • Eric Gitonga
  • Jessica Atieno
  • Caroline mbirua
  • Dickson Kaloki
  • David Roberts
  • Patti Endo
  • Elias Mung'ora
  • Sophie Walbeoffe
  • Patrick Kinuthia
  • Eltayeb Dawelbait
  • Mercy Kagia
  • Oily Parish
  • Anne Mwiti
You can contact the Polka Dot Gallery by visiting their website or through their social media handles.

Facebook Page :Polka Dot Gallery

Instagram :@thepolkadotgallerykenya

Well that Is it for the Polka Dot Gallery don't hesitate to look at it and furthermore suggest other galleries that are situated in Kenya.