Saturday, 11 February 2017

Longview Suites-Magadi Road

In the event that you're searching for a very peaceful hotel then Longview suites is the place for you ! I don't know whether this is on account that I went on a weekday consequently , I was like the only customer in the hotel.However, I really cherished that peaceful moment. You realize that "me moment " when it's only you in the hotel and the consideration redirects to you.Subsequently, the staff are truly minding and continually making sure your okay to guarantee that you're making the most of your stay.That is the reception I got at Longview Suites ! Kudos to the management henceforth , I can thoroughly recommend anyone to go there but if your looking for that hype in a hotel then I doubt if you will be fascinated . Basically the people that will benefit are those who want to simply unwind with no aggravation. Regardless of whether you will be sleeping there or you simply need to go to the gym, swimming or just to eat at the restaurant it is absolutely unwinding .

On the off chance that you want to sleep at the hotel , accommodation ranges from 10,000 and above including breakfast and all rooms have a balcony and Kitchenette .

Activities to do
You can likewise swim it costs 500 shillings for grown-ups there is additionally a gym which is open every day and it costs 500 shillings as well .

Conference Packages
The hotel also has three conference rooms. The biggest room can accommodate 200 pax and the board room which is the smallest can accommodate 20 individuals . It goes for 3500 per person inclusive of all meals and necessities such as note pads and pens.

You can also go to the hotel just to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant.Their food is very affordable and delicious as well.

Longview suites is situated on Magadi Road next to Cambridge International school .
You can get more information from there website click here. Well that is it for Longview Suites make sure you check it out if you haven't been there.


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  3. Longview suites looks totally amazing and quiet,a good place to go to for a peaceful stay.
    Malishaj Travels,thank you for sharing this. I look forward to seeing more wonderful places to go to.

    1. Yes it is very peaceful that I can totally agree with you ! Your welcome Shaz and I am glad am giving you ideas .

  4. I've been here , it's a nice place!

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