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The Amazing Kenya Retreat-Maanzoni

The Amazing Kenya Retreat just by the name recommends it is exceptionally astonishing. Only a couple of kilometers from Nairobi you will branch at Maanzoni. Consequently you should experience some minor security checks before you make a beeline for the hotel. I preferred the way the environment gives you the safari feeling and there numerous natural life creatures around that you will get the chance to see like zebras, elands, giraffes' and gazelles. 

The hotel has a decent perspective of the savannah fields from the rooms and when the weather is clear you can see Mount Kenya which is one hundred and fifty kilometers toward the north. It is truly an unwinding place for both tourists and Kenyan residents as well. Just from taking a gander at the website I knew what was in store and I wasn't frustrated when I arrived at the hotel. It was more than what I expected extremely invigorating and unwinding.

It is located in the middle of Maanzoni which is a beautiful savannah grassland estate in the heart of Lukenya. The Amazing Kenya is twenty kilometers from both Machakos and Athi River.
  • Thirty-five minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
  • Fifty minutes drive from Nairobi City Center.
The Amazing Kenya Retreat has fundamentally centered on conventional rondavels and I truly loved it since it gives you the inclination that you are really in the shrubbery. You can have a clear ideal perspective of the savannah fields from the room and they have been developed in a way that it would seem that they are rising up out of the ground. This impact has been made by tilting the rooftop to the back, in a blend with the incline of the land they have been based on. All the rondavels have twofold rooms which can serenely suit two families and a restroom.

All the rooms have extensive windows where somebody can have a pleasant perspective of the Maanzoni slants. Not too far off one can see Mount Lukenya in the west and Mount Kenya toward the north and toward the east.What's more all the rondavels have a verandah which has agreeable safari seats.

Notwithstanding the rondavels there is the fundamental private house which is an extensive independent home with three rooms, a kitchen, and a substantial front room. It offers some privacy and is appropriate for expansive families or substantial gatherings too. The following are the rates yet they are liable to change without earlier notice.
FULL BOARD: SINGLE-11550/= DOUBLE-15550/= 
CAMPING: 3000/=


  • A child 0-3 years is free and 4-12 years is 75% on the off chance that they are separated from everyone else in their own room and 50% on the off chance that they are sharing with a grown-up.
  • Full board is breakfast, lunch, and supper and it incorporates one bottle of mineral water, evening tea, and coffee.
  • Check in time is at 12:00 pm and check out is at 10:00 am.

There is a lobby which is the principle working of the hotel and it has a pleasant view. What I liked the most about the feasting zone is that it is beside the infinity pool. This makes the environment to be exceptionally unwinding and serene.The building has been isolated in a lounge area zone, indented unwind region with a chimney and a living area. The restaurant is likewise extensive in that you can hold a private function. In the event that you need to get a citation click here .

The following are the costs in the event that you need a smorgasbord menu but there is additionally an a le carte menu.

Breakfast-KSH 1750, lunch-KSH 1750/=, dinner-KSH 2500, bush dinner-KSH 2000 and bush breakfast KSH 2000.
Activities to do
The Amazing Kenya is settled in an extremely quiet condition that empowers one to participate in various activities. Such as team building and nature strolls which are joined by a guide.Bush breakfasts can be sorted out where a diversion drive is arranged at first light since it is simpler to spot wild creatures when contrasted with amid the day.

Horseback safaris are offered where one can go for two to five hours twice every day or for an entire day with an outing lunch.Bird watching, you will have the capacity to spot many winged creature species in East Africa. Game drives and cycling through Maanzoni as well as a visit to the market at Machakos Town. In addition to that Sundowner at the inclines of the savannah fields which is 500 meters far from the Amazing Kenya Retreat and community visits can be composed of nearby towns in the Lukenya zone. Lastly swimming is KSH 300 for grownups and KSH 200 for kids underneath the age of 12 years. 

S  Sundowner-KSH 2000/=, game walk-KSH 1500/=, night game drive-KSH 2500/=, game drive- KSH 2000/=, bike rental full day-KSH 1500/= and bike rental half day-KSH 1000/=.

Services offered
  •         Airport Pick-ups.
  •         Conference packages.
  •         Availability of Wi-Fi at the lobby.
Full board packages are accessible and the convenience incorporates breakfast, lunch, supper and one soda. This includes free use of the meeting room from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. All members are likewise provided with pens, composing cushions, flip graphs, TV and DVD. An LCD projector goes for Ksh 5000/= per day and the PA system Ksh 10000/= per day also.

SINGLE-KSH 15000/= DOUBLE-KSH 22000/=

On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize private or public transport to get to the hotel then you can ask ahead of time for the management to arrange on transport. The rates are as per the following. 

KSH 5000/= from the airport, maximum of four people.
KSH 6000/= from CBD , maximum of four people.
KSH 10000/= in a van, more than six passengers and a maximum of fourteen passengers.

All the payments can be done through cash, mpesa and for cheques they should be processed before arrival.
For bookings kindly click here.

Tel : +254 721 483 112 Facebook
Well that it is for the Amazing Kenya Retreat, I really enjoyed my time and I will definitely go back For more information click here.

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