Thursday, 6 September 2018

Kola Beach Resort-Mambrui

First and foremost Mambrui is a hidden gem that is situated between Malindi and Lamu. This is where Kola Beach Resort is located. Just from the photos that I saw on I knew for beyond any doubt that it was a pleasant resort. Kudos to the management my travel buddy and I were in Malindi at noon running some errands when one of the staff called me and asked me what time we were checking in. That was the first resort in North Coast that actually was concerned with my checking in. I at that point asked the staff what time we were intended to check in and he informed me that we could have checked in quite a while back even at 10:00am my travel buddy and I immediately boarded a tuk tuk and went straight to Kola Beach Resort.

Kola Beach Resort is situated in Mambrui which is not that far from Malindi Town. In the event that you are using public transport you can take a tuk tuk from Malindi and it will cost you on the minimum side 600 Kenya shillings (6$) and on the maximum side 800 ksh (8$). For more details on how to get to Malindi Click here . The resort also has a taxi which you can organize with the management to pick you up from the airport and take you to Mambrui at an additional cost.

When you get to Kola Beach Resort you will totally feel at home since the villas have that modern home touch. Each villa is divided into two stories where one family can occupy the whole villa or decide to take one floor as other guests occupy the other rooms on the upper floor. Both floors have a well spacious veranda and a kitchenette as well hence , if you opt to prepare meals as opposed from eating from the eatery then you are sorted. My travel buddy and I opted to just go with the resort meal plan which was totally worth it for the price.For bookings Click here .

The resort has a really nice outdoor restaurant and a bar which is directly in front of the beach. You can choose anything from the a le carte menu and the Gold 55 restaurant offers both local and international cuisines. Just like any other hotel  Kola Beach has the bed and breakfast option , half board , full board and all inclusive as well.

Kola Beach Resort is the perfect place to simply unwind and relax. The atmosphere is very chilled out and the pool area has that relaxing ambiance. Below are some of the activities that are offered at the resort.
  • Two large pools
  • Spa
  • Conference facilities
  • Quad bikes 
You can also decide to relax on the private beach or simply explore Mambrui and walk for like ten minutes to the golden beach as well as the sand dunes of Mambrui.

Mambrui has a special place in my heart and my stay at Kola Beach Resort was totally worth it. I will definitely go back and if you want to get a 10% discount on your booking Click here .

Many thanks to the management of Kola Beach Resort. My stay was self sponsored and as always, opinions expressed are my own.

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