Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Nyumba Ya Mashaza Dimora Di Corallo-Watamu

Nyumba Ya Mashaza exceeded my expectations in so many ways. My travel buddy and I stayed at the property when it was new on and there were no reviews to at least guide us on what to expect but oh well life is about taking risks.The main reason we decided to risk is because at that time it was one of the cheapest deals we could get in Watamu and it was low season as well. 

We paid 5000 ksh (50$) per night for a double room which was inclusive of breakfast. Considering the fact that we ended up being the only guests thus we had the entire villa to ourselves for sure it was  good deal. The host is not in Kenya most of the times but she works hand in hand with the manager who is a Kenyan and stays around the villa in case you need any assistance. 

Our only issue was that the villa is located in Jacaranda which is quite a distance from Watamu. Hence , you need to be prepared for a bumpy ride but that should not discourage you. To be honest the place is very beautiful that you will even forget about the journey.What I loved the most is the fact that the villa has a private beach access which makes everything fall into place.

You can access Nyumba Ya Mashaza by taking a taxi from Gedi or a tuktuk/motorbike this is on the off chance you end up using public transport. If you are using private mans you will proceed from Gedi to Watamu and from there you can use google maps or ask the locals for directions.

Accommodation and rates 
The villa has spacious double rooms which can act as a single rooms as well and all of them have a private bathroom. There is a shared kitchen and the host can organize to get you a chef if you do not want to cook for yourself. A shared lounge overlooking the lush garden is also available and the set up is very relaxing. The prices are always subject to availability and the season click here for bookings.
Nyumba Ya Mashaza has a shared pool that other villas at Nyumba Ya Baharini Village Residence use such as Alawi Boutique Hotel . Which I think is a plus and because the beach is nearby the pool never gets crowded since there are various beach activities that one can take part in. The villa also has a lush garden that one can opt to relax and unwind .

Well that is it for Nyumba Ya Mashaza click here for more details.