Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The Camp David-Tuala

When I was planning to go to the Camp David I truly didn't expect to encounter an exceptionally intense Safari feeling. Well I absolutely do not regret encountering the memories that will remain in me until the end of time. Getting to the hotel is quite a distance but soon enough an easier route will be constructed.

Nonetheless, I will still opt to use the longer route as it gave me the feeling that I was truly headed out to a far place despite the fact that I was only one hour away from Nairobi County. When you get to the hotel I guarantee you that you will absolutely be astounded with the nice view of the Kenya Wildlife Service, the peaceful environment and the nature that encompasses the hotel.

I was exceptionally satisfied that I even forgot about the distance. I couldn't envision that such a hidden gem existed inside the Kenya Wildlife Service. The best part about the hotel is that after you check in, you can be able to see so many animals at a distance from the park and the hotel likewise has binoculars that individuals can use.
The Camp David is situated in Tuala, which is in kajiado County. You can get to the hotel by using the Magadi Road that takes you to Ongata Rongai. At that point branch at Maasai Lodge Bus Station, and use the road that takes you to Africa Nazarene University.

Once you pass the University and you reach Tuala town you can ask around for directions but the Camp David management is additionally exceptionally prepared to guide you or come where you are and direct you to the hotel. But once you go there for the first time, the directions automatically stick on your mind.
  • The camp is accessible by both private and public means. You can opt to take a taxi at the Maasai Lodge Bus Station.
  • One hour drive from The CBD.

As I was unwinding at the restaurant, simply loosening up from the journey. I was very amazed since from the restaurant it has a very good view of the Nairobi National Park. In the event that you go when it is sunny and the weather is really nice you will truly appreciate it.

I opted to sit on the high seats and not the couch so that I could simply get a clear perspective and view of everything since the hotel is on a raised land. I was also very pleased with how moderate the menu was. You can eat as much as you want and you won't get worried about finishing all your cash.
The Camp David accepts walk-ins and the restaurant has an a la carte menu which is very affordable.

  • Buffets can also be organized that is if you want and there is also a butchery specifically for nyama choma.
  • 24 hour bar.

After relaxing for a while I was directed to go have a glimpse of the cottages. To be straightforward this is my favorite part of Camp David. The cottages are a bit secluded and I like it that way since we all want to unwind and relax in a peaceful place. I prefer not to be bothered with noise from the bar or individuals having a good time at the eatery.

When I was showed the cottages I was more than awed, the African theme in every one of the cottages and interior design gave me the inclination that I was on a genuine safari in the middle of Nairobi National Park.

The bathrooms in the cottages were additionally more than anything I had envisioned. I can guarantee you on the off chance that you need to unwind and you would prefer not to go somewhere far then you better consider taking a weekend gateway at the Camp David.

The best part about the cottages is the way sometimes buffaloes stroll around the compound, it is a minute loaded with blended feelings but that is the essence of going somewhere that is next to the National Park.

I opted to take a room that was charging 6,500 every night for a double on a bed and breakfast basis. Meaning on the off chance that you are on a budget you can take the double for 6500 and share the cost with a companion, which will result to 3,250 per person.
The Camp David has eight cottages in total and every one of them have their own distinctive interior design of an African touch. Each cottage has a verandah where you can opt to relax or have your meals at the room as opposed to heading off to the restaurant.

The Hotel also has a camping site where for now you can camp with your own gear. For more information about camping kindly click hereto get a quotation.

  • There is also a beautiful house that can accommodate two families and it goes for 20,000 per night.
  • Late check-out is allowed so long as you request in advance.

Below are the rates.
*Half Board=Breakfast + Dinner   
* Full Board=Breakfast+ Lunch + Dinner

Bed and Breakfast
Half Board
Full Board

Activities to do
The Camp David additionally has beautiful grounds that someone can hire for any private function and they do not charge for the grounds so long as the hotel caters for all the meals at the function. If you want to have a photo-shoot at the hotel click here to get a quotation .There are many activities that someone can do at the hotel, this includes;
  • Quad bikes for children which go for 200 per child, board games, fishing at the pond,bird watching and there is a TV Lounge as well.

All the bookings are done directly to the hotel .Hence, if you want to get in touch below are the contacts to the hotel.
0726 005160

That is it for the Camp David, I totally enjoyed myself and I will definitely go back. Make sure you check it out and for more information click here.

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