Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Park 1 Villa's-Malindi

If you are looking for a nice place in Malindi that can accommodate a group of four people then Park 1 Villa's is the place for you and your squad or family as well. One thing that I loved about the villa is that it's very affordable especially if you are sharing the costs.

The villa is located on Silversands Road which is a short distance from the shopping center. You can as well visit Vasco da Gama Pillar since its nearby.

Park 1 Villa's has two beautiful spacious rooms that have that Swahili vibe and personally I really loved it .
The rates are 6000 ksh (60$) for four people meaning if you are sharing the cost, that will be 1500 ksh (15$) per person per night without meals. The price includes room service and WIFI . 
The villa is air conditioned and there are three pools that are shared with the other four villas in the area. The beach is a ten minutes walk and there are tuk tuks outside the villas that can take you to the beach or to town. The kitchen has various types of cutleries, a fridge, gas cooker and an oven.
Well that is it for Park 1 Villa's . Click here for more details.

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